Video Services

Video can clearly portray a sequence of events or a complex idea, and can be the key to educating a jury. Body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, meaningful pauses – all of these are captured on camera. Our videographers are certified by the National Court Reporters Association.

Use Parrish Reporting videoconferencing services to save time and travel costs without compromising the power of face-to-face meetings. We deliver secure TV-quality videoconferencing using state of the art equipment for meetings with clients, colleagues, experts, depositions, interviews, and meetings where participants are at great distance from each other and recording is desired.

  • Videotaped depositions with synchronized transcripts
  • Video editing
  • Courtroom playback
  • Mock jury trials
  • Witness preparation
  • Video in all formats
  • Video digitizing/CD/DVD
  • Forensic animations
  • Videoconferencing – anywhere
  • Meeting and seminar recording
  • Streaming
  • DVD and CD-ROM authoring
  • Encoding
  • Video synchronization
  • Video clips for playback using iPad (Parrish Reporting is among the first court reporting firms in the nation to offer this service.)
  • PowerPoint and animation


For more information on our court reporting, litigation support, video conferencing or legal video services, call Parrish Reporting today at 310-315-3000, or email us at To schedule a reporter online, please fill out our Schedule a Reporter form. We have Solaris representatives available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



Bruce Graham
Bruce N. Graham & Associates

"I am pleased to recommend Parrish Reporting as the finest court reporting firm with whom I have ever worked. I have utilized the services of Parrish Reporting in a variety of cases, both large and small, complex and simple. Every one of their reporters is professional, highly competent, and well qualified."

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