Realtime Reporting

With a well-deserved reputation for the highest customer service, our court reporters are experienced with realtime reporting, including realtime over the Internet. With web-based realtime, colleagues and experts can be present at depositions from another location through secure online access with instant message features. We provide you with all of the equipment needed—laptops, cables, software, and we can accommodate Transcript Manager PRO, LiveNote, CaseView, and Summation.

Realtime benefits include:

  • Voice-to-text translation
  • Immediate review of questions and answers
  • Ability to mark passages
  • Listing of marked areas for quick follow-up

Parrish Reporting court reporters attend depositions or hearings with their own laptop with realtime. This allows the reporter to:

  • Immediately read back questions/answers
  • Make edits and corrections during testimony
  • Input proper names and technical terminology
  • Provide a quality rough draft at the end of the deposition

Additionally, our court reporters are also armed with TextMap®, a transcript management software from LexisNexis, to easily manage your transcripts in an electronic format. Designed with an intuitive, powerful search engine, TextMap helps you expedite the processing of case testimony.

textmaplexis nexis

For more information on our court reporting, litigation support, video conferencing or legal video services, call Parrish Reporting today at 310-315-3000, or email us at To schedule a reporter online, please fill out our Schedule a Reporter form. We have Solaris representatives available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.



Bruce Graham
Bruce N. Graham & Associates

"I am pleased to recommend Parrish Reporting as the finest court reporting firm with whom I have ever worked. I have utilized the services of Parrish Reporting in a variety of cases, both large and small, complex and simple. Every one of their reporters is professional, highly competent, and well qualified."

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